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Original Paintings
 and Prints
I painted these with watercolour, gouache and ink. They measure approximately  5 X 5 inches, with 8 x 8 inch mounts, which will fit standard frames that are available in high street home stores. Mounts are included in the price. Frames are not included. They are available for purchase as prints. Please contact if you would like to purchase it with the frame and/or require bespoke framing.
1- Email me to place your order. Remember to include Item Code. 

2- I will then send you the bank details for the payment. 
3- I will post your order as soon as possible, which is usually within 2-3 days
Prices:£15 each
(includes package and postage.)
UK delivery only

CD-MM_1 Living Room
CD-MM_2 Ramsgate Lift and Bike
CD-MM_3 Art Studio
CD-MM_4 Red Piano
CD-MM_5 Coffee and Cake
CD-MM_6 Afternoon Tea
CD-MM_7 Candles
CD-MM_8 Courtyard
CD-MM_9 Elegant Bath
CD-MM_10 Flower Garden and Water Pump
CD-MM_11 A Bit of Gardening
CD-MM_12 Blue Garden Shed
CD-MM_13 Broadstairs Lift
CD-MM_16 Butcher's Lane, Canterbury 
CD-MM_15 Robin
CD-MM_14 Christmas Tree
CD-W_16 - Poppies
CD-W_15 - Thistles
CD-W_14 - Blue Bells
CD-W_9 - Christmas Train
CD-W_12 - Lavender, always lavender
CD-W_1-Rose Garden
CD-W_10 - The House in Dawn
CD-W_13 - Hazy Morning
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