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Original Paintings
 and Prints
Where to find my work
I have a little mobile stall to display my work. I am out mostly in Broadstairs and Ramsgate areas on sunny days from Spring to Autumn. I am usually on Canterbury High Street around Christmas time.

Most people find me when I am out with my art stall. I don't do set hours, so if there is any print or original work that you are particularly interested in, please contact me via email to make an arrangement. 

The gift shop "Number 3" on York Street Broadstairs has my greeting cards and Broadstairs prints in stock.

My greeting cards can also be purchased at number 26 'Limarni' on Harbour Street Ramsgate. Limarni is a beautiful boutique offering a range of handmade accessories and clothing as well as artwork.

The Boathouse Gift Shop in Broadstairs has a good selection of my Broadstairs paintings as greeting cards. 
How to Order

If you want to purchase my work via my website, please e-mail me and let me know which piece you are interested in. I can post my work to any destination in the UK. My preferred payment method for online purchases is bank transfer. If you are local, you can also pay during delivery. 
Unfortunately posting items outside UK has become rather problematic lately. Items are returned without any explanation in most cases. For this reason I do not offer any overseas delivery at this time.  
I welcome commissions in a variety of areas. You can commission me for a portrait, pet portrait, landscape, abstract work. It could also be a painting of your house, a place that has a sentimental value, or a business venue.
For further information, please get in touch.  
I offer free delivery locally. This includes Thanet, Canterbury and the surrounding areas. 

For other parts of UK, the delivery charges are included in the prices for prints on this website. 

Delivery for the original pieces need to be arranged individually and delivery charges would vary accordingly. 
Prints and Greeting cards of Broadstairs available 
at number 3 York Street, Broadstairs
A wide range of greeting cards available 
at LIMARNI, 26 Habour Street, Ramsgate
Prints and Greeting cards of Broadstairs available at 
The Boathouse Gift Shop Broadstairs
Harbourmaster's Office The Jetty,
Harbour St, Broadstairs CT10 1EU
My Commitment
I always strive to provide the best service and quality work that I can. I take care of all aspects of my work, not only the creation of my art, but also the prints, mounting and sometimes framing.

Always feel free to get in touch if you have any issues with the work you have purchased, whether it is a greeting card, a print or an original painting, and regardless of when you bought it. I will do my best to provide assistance. 
07531 709 746
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