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Original Paintings
 and Prints
I welcome portrait  commissions from private individuals and businesses. Portrait commissions could be for children, adults or pets. 

The prices above are for the artwork on10x12 inch canvas or paper. If you have special requirements in terms of size, the prices would vary. 
Frame is not included, but is available at additional cost. 
Children and Adult Portraits
Drawing: £110
Oil: £220
Pet Portraits:
Drawing: £90
Oil: £150
Completion Time: 
For most commissions I require minimum 2 months to complete the work. The more time you allow, the better the portraits are.  

I require half of the payment in advance and the other half when the work is complete. 

I work from photos. Before I accept a commission, we decide on the photo together and discuss any changes which you or I might suggest.
Portraits in Oil
Portraits Drawings
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