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My Approach to Teaching Art 
- I teach each learner individually even if you sit in a group of learners. We all learn differently and have different expectations and goals as to what we want to achieve and what kind of creative journey we would like to embark on. Therefore don't compare your skills or your work to others.

- I talk a lot about observation, because this is the most crucial part of improving your technique and artistic skills. We can't paint or draw something if we don't know what it really looks like. You will be observing real life objects, various paintings and drawings of other artists, masterpieces, different trends and artistic styles from different parts of the world, all of which will bring inspiration and feed your creativity while helping you develop a good understanding of colour, form, perspective, light, shade and values.
- Creativity is something we all have, but it is something we also need to work on and develop. Therefore, I encourage learners to observe, explore different possibilities, and exclusively focus on their creative process, not only their artistic ability.

- Being interested and willing to do the work is all it takes to make a good start.

- If you remain open-minded about what you can achieve, you will find that surprisingly great results are relatively easy to achieve.

- There is no end to learning, therefore try and see new project as a new learning journey, because it really is.

- Practising art should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. I treat it as a quality 'me' time. Treat your art lessons in the same way. They are there to take you on a pleasant journey.
If you have any questions about the lesson or want to book lessons, please get in touch via e-mail or phone. 
07531 709 746
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