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Yesim Begen
Original Paintings
 and Prints
I welcome commissions from private individuals and businesses. I can do portrait, landscape and abstract. Portrait commissions could be for children, adults or pets. 

 If you would like to commission an artwork, please first get in touch via e-mail. In particular, please state:

- What kind of artwork you would like to commission
- Your budget for the work
- What your time scale is
Include any other detail that is important to you. 

For most commissions I require minimum 2 months to complete the work. Depending on the project, this could be longer. 
Portrait Commissions: 
If you are considering a portrait commission, whether this is of a person or a pet, it is important that you provide me with high quality photographs I can work with. The higher the resolution the better. If the photos have some artistic value in terms of pose, light and colour, that's even better. I tend to discuss some ideas and possibilities with the client before we decide which photo the commission should be based on. 

07531 709746
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